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The World of Writing

Bog oak pen reveiw by Stephen Brown


From now and on you can watch a short YouTube video about Bog oak fountain pen by Stephen Brown:



Promotion 2017


Post pictures with your new pen and get 10% discount on your next pen order.

We love to see #grifospens in your hands!





Experience new pens


Always in search for original materials to experince new visiual and tactile sensation we have created a new pen model hand covered with shark leather in elegant mat black.

Dark colors and genuine shark leather perfectly suit a masculine hand that makes this pen a great idea as gift for men.

The pen is available in rollerball and fountain pen version to be orderd on our website:




Summer Promotion 2015


Till the 30th of August with every purchse of a ballpoint pen or rollerball pen get your FREE GIFT  - 2 pen refills.


Wooden Pens


You often ask us how to take care of solid wood pens we'd like to suggest you using natural beeswax paste. Beeswax paste provides an additional layer of protection on your pen wood surface, nourishing your pen and helping to protect against dryness, especially perfect for absorbent woods like oak.  It is very easy to apply, buff and maintain from time to time when your pen barrel gets drier or colourless, since it is quite usual when you use your favourite pen every day. The pen is living when it writes well!


New Creation


We happy to present you our new pen that enriches our special edtion collection  - Tree of Life Pen. This is insipired by Gustav Klimt's fascinating masterpiece. We'd like to dedicate this pen to the essential human principles as stability, wisdom and beauty.


New Creation


A new shade has been added to the pen collection made of rare woods availabe in rollerball and fountain pen versions. It's a deep anthracite tone of the antique bog oak, that combined with black gold plating, gives the pen a noble elegant touch. You are welcome to see the new pen pictures clicking on Fountain Pens - Rare Woods.


Grifos Writing Instruments Italy at Paperworld Germany 2014


Our company would like to thank all our valued clients for visiting our stand during Paperworld show in Frankfurt and placing your new orders of writing instruments. We wish You good work and new progress in your business!





I returned from a trip to find your pens on my desk. They appear to be flawless. I can't wait for the nibs to get broken in. The pens exceed or, at minimum, match the qualities of my parkers and Montblancs.

I downloaded your resin colors from your on-line catalog. These pens you sent are so marvelous, I would like to order the same pens in the R02 and R07 colors if such is possible. Please let me know the costs. Also, if anyone has a concern about the quality of your products (at least the ones' I have received) have them email me or just delete my address and use this note in your response.

Again, I am impressed and I haven't been impressed with any products (expecially pens) for a long time. Keep up the excellent work. And please, pass this note on to the craftsman who built my pens. Thank you.




Our company would like to thank all our valued clients for visiting our stand during the MACEF show in Milan and placing your new orders of pens. We hope you and your clients will appreciate our precious writing instruments.

We remain at you full disposal for any helpful information.

Sicerely Yours,

Maurizio Stura




Due to the complexity of Italian laws we'd like to pay Your attention to giving Your consent for personal data treatment during Your registration on our website. Please mark the box every time when You read the following:

  • I authorize the treatment of my personal data in order to be provided with proper service and be satisfied with my requests,

  • I authorize disclosure of my personal data to third parties whose functional activity contributes to providing the service requested (e.g. shipping, billing, invoicing, etc.).

Please be sure to mark the box also while filling in Your order form when You read:

  • I agree to the Terms of Service.

So You have to mark the box 3 times to complete successfully Your order. Otherwise the system won't let You preceed with Your order. You are assured to give this information merely for handling, shipping and invoicing purposes.

Thank You for reading this note.



MACEF - Milan 12.09-15.09.2013


With great pleasure we announce that will be present at the international fair "Macef" in Milan, Italy from the 12th till the 15th of September, 2013. We'll be happy to welcome all our valued clients and guests. 

Hall 9 Stand G12 F19 joint area Autonomous region of Aosta Valley

Best regards,
Maurizio Stura


The goddess of inspiration for making pens...


"Again, I am impressed and I haven't been impressedwith any products (especially pens) for a long time. Keep up the excellentwork. And please, pass this note on to the craftsman who built my pens. Thank you."

We like to  think that our product can raise emotion in those who receive it, as every beautiful and unexpected thing: that is why we are constantly searching for a special design, new colors and materials to satisfy even the most unusual request. Every day the nature gives us new hints and presents the most important source of inspiration for making pens...we happy to create our writing instruments and to be located here - at the foot of the mountain Mont Avic situated in the natural park called Parco Naturale del Mont Avic (It) / Parc Naturel du Mont -Avic (Fr).

You are welcometo drop in: http://www.montavic.it/eng


We are at Paperworld - Frankfurt 26.01-30.01.2013



With great pleasure we announce that will be present at Paperworld exhibiting in luxury stationary Hall 4.0 Stand E45 in Frankfurt, Germany from the 26th till the 30th of Gennuary, 2013. We'll be happy to welcome all our valued clients and guests.
Best regards,
Maurizio Stura


Where can a pen be used?


The first men on the moon had to use a pen to fix a broken switch on their lunar module before returning to Earth.

Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot the moon, and Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin Jr., his fellow astronaut, accidentally snapped off the switch of a circuit breaker, and found they could not take off without it. Aldrin then jammed a ballpoint pen into the hole where the switch had been, allowing the astronauts' lunar module Eagle to leave the surface of the moon.


Gift wrapping for Your Pen


Do you wish to send our pen as a gift to someone you care much for? We'll be happy to make your gift even more special wrapping it with elegant paper free of charge. Please let us know if you'd like gift wrapping when you place your pen order.

“Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. They are the magi.” (O. Henry)


Macef Fair, Milan 6.09-9.09.2012


We are happy to invite you to visit our stand at international Macef show in Milan where will expose our new pen models made of silver and other refined materials as genuine leather or nobel wood - have you ever seen a fountain pen hand-turned from solid vine wood (wine grape) or precious olive wood, or a fountain pen covered with galuchat skin and mother-of-pearl insertion?
You are very welcome! Hall 10 - stand H12 K19
Kind regards,
Maurizio Stura

We are at Paperworld - Frankfurt 28.01-31.01.2012


With great pleasure we announce that will be present at Paperworld exhibiting in luxury stationary Hall 3.1 Stand F43 in Frankfurt, Germany from the 28th till the 31st of Gennuary, 2012. We'll be happy to welcome all our valued clients and guests.
Best regards,
Maurizio Stura
We are at International Exhibition - Macef, Milan 8.09-11.09.2011


We are glad to give you the news that also this year we've participated into the annual international home show Macef in Milan. This year we've chaged the Hall and were exhibiting in the hall specialized for silverware. In spite of the crisis we were happy to welcome all our old clients and to record even more interest to our silver writing instruments from companies coming from various parts of the world. We'd like to thank our the most creative staff and all the visitors of our stand. Thak you and Good luck!
Maurizio Stura


The story of the Fountain Pen in Italy


"Between the end of the twenties and the begininng of the thirties in Settimo Torinese those who worked in the field of the pen became aware of the great chances that this production could have offered. Actually, Italian market was still controlled by foreign products and, for this reason, the "settimesi" realized that there were good opportunities to increase and sell their pens throughout Italy. But it was only in 1935, after a long period of recession, that those who produced pens understood that the fountain pen was the article which interested new social classes. All what was happening showed that it was worth spending energy and money in this sector which seemed to have a great future. The passage to the production of pens was gradual and slow. The first firm which decided to invest in this field was that of Luigi Pagliero and, after few years, this was followed by that of Giacomazzi and Favetta. In 1935 the Pagliero's firm sold its products to both Italy and colonies.
For what the professional abilities were concerned, the experience acquired before revealed itself to be very important for the future development of this production. In fact, at the beginning these products were obtained through workings of turning.The great quality of the results was due to the experiences which had been accumulated by the previous artisans of the avory and the galalith. Because of that, for a certain period, approximately until the end of the second world war, there was an exchange of workers between the pen industries and the industry which made knick-knacks even when these two kindes of production were clearly independent and distinguished.
Still around the thirties Dino Giacomazzi opened a small laboratory in the middle of Settimo and reached the success with the Punto Rosso ("Red Point"), a fountain-pen made, esclusively, for a client of Turin and then spreaded all through Italy." (Silvio Bertotto, SETTIMO TORINESE UNA CITTA IN PUNTA DI PENNA, 1991, p.70) To be continued.

Tornado Tested testimonial


On April 2nd this year an F3 Tornado took everything we owned, including my fountain pen collection.
After 3 or 4 day of searching all the still unplanted fields behind what use to be our home I found the Silver Carved Rampant Lion F.P. Fountain Pen I bought from you about a year ago. It was a little dinged, but it cleaned up well and still writes like the quality pen it is.
The only other pens I found completely intact were my Xezo pens. Italian made, I think I see a trend.
Most of what we found (other manufacturers) were bits and pieces of pens, and useless.
I tell you this because I think you should know your Pens have been Tornado tested.
And today, someone on FPN someone asked about Grifos Pens and I added my Tornado story, glad to do it.
Thank you for making a great pen.
Denis Boss
See the fountain pen in the section Limited Edition on our web-site.

Wedding Gift Idea


We are happy to present You the above roller pens we've just finished as a special gift for a wedding (don't think about the English royal family of prince William and Kate).
Also You can choose pens to engrave with names for the forthcoming wedding of Your relatives or friends.
Aurumvallis artisans will be happy to realize Your design and colors of the pens for gift.
Write us about Your ideas to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Our Best Wishes!
Aurumvallis staff

Why Sterling silver


Sterling silver (in latin: argentum - splendid, snow-white) is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing functional objects; therefore, the silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength but preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal.

The importance of having a brilliant pen…


Once during a pen show in Milan a retired insurance agent told us a story how a good pen helped him to convince people to accept his offers: while he was explaining the advantages of a contract he was twisting his beautiful pen in his fingers as if hypnotizing his client, and when arrived to the core moment to sign the agreement he held out the pen. Being fascinated by the beautiful pen the client took the pen almost unconsciously and the job was done!
We thought it would be interesting for you to know how important and helpful can be a good pen in your work with people.
Enjoy your writing!
Aurumvallis staff


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