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Who we are

...As young as the river after the rain, as old as its course...

For more than twenty-five years Grifos has been in the world of writing: we work silver, gold and other precious materials with the well known Italian artistry and professionalism making them refined writing instruments. With fine workmanship we produce every kind of fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens as well mechanical pencils.

We can create a pen either according to our customer's drawing or to ours, combining our expertise and the customer's taste – the first point in our priority list.


Our company makes home in the Aosta Valley of Northern Italy near the French and Swiss borders. This is one of most mountainous regions of Italy, surrounded by the most famouse peaks in Europe: Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa. The alpine character of the area is expressed in its pine forests, high pastures and numerous small lakes fed by mountain streams. Remainders of the region's history are everywhere, particularly in the Roman-era theatre, city walls and monuments. There are also Romanesque churches and many fortified castles from the medieval era. And in the mids of it all, in Champdepraz, is Grifos.



Aware of history but also eager to play a part in the modern global marketplce, we seek to combine the most appealing aspects of traditional craftsmanship with the advantages gained through current tecnologies.

Precision, flexibility, quality and Italian tradition build up our guideline.

To be competitive we must be creators: one of our goals is to offer a technically perfect and at the same time artistic object to the customer.
Every step of the production - from manufacturing to packaging - is carefully checked by our experienced artisans.

We care much for customer's satisfaction: being in direct and close contact with our clients we can replace or repair parts worn out or accidentally damaged faster than larger corporate groups - this is the efficiency and reliability Aurumvallis company is able to offer.


Working noble and precious metals requires agility and competence handed down to us by the Italian and Aostan tradition: we manufacture writing instruments in silver and gold combining them with other materials like hard resin, natural horn; briar, oak and vine wood, leather and skin to create a classic and yet original product. Our artisans are well known for performig beautiful Guillochè designs making them distinctive feature and special appeal of our silver pens.


Guilloché art is as old as time: it was renowned by Tsars thanks to the maitre Faberge.

Guilloché is a technique that origins from the 18th century and that consists in using a manually operated natural diamond cutting tool to engraves metals, resulting in brilliant diamond cut patterns. Today this is essentially a dead art, considering that craft is handed down from father to son using machines that are still operated as they were three centuries ago. The Aurumvallis Company has a Guilloché cutting machine in-house, thus allowing our experienced silversmiths to engrave on site, whereas few pen companies do Guilloché engraving within their own facility. Engraving pens, one line at a time, one by one with old equipments, allows us to convey our passion to those who use them, making these objects even more precious.

We like to think that our product can raise emotion in those who receive it, as every beautiful and unexpected thing: that is why we are constantly searching for a special design, new colors and materials to satisfy even the most unusual request.
Every day the nature gives us new hints of materials that can be molded by man but stand the test of time: one of our most celebrated creation is a fountain pen made of primitive but eternal material immediately recognizable to the touch - the steatite or soapstone (ollar stone).


At first sight the stone seems to be cold as any other stone but it is warm and gentle to the touch: here it is the extraordinary writing instrument, full of mystic meaning, handmade like antique local traditions say. This pen is closely linked with our brand: the rampant griffons figure on the stone millenary mosaic is a never ending cycle. Here is the story of a millinery commemoration…

Year 1000. Northern Italy is a part of the Sacred Roman Empire, a land of fights and bloody raids.

Only in few places – in the very heart of history and art - some seeds of promising but still distant renaissance future have survived from destruction: the Saint Benedict Abbeys.


Year 1979. A millennium has passed since one of these treasures was almost destroyed: the restoration work of a 18th century church floor allows to discover numerous tesserae of an extraordinary polychrome mosaic. Meantime in the nearby junior high school another school year is ending. On a sunny May afternoon the news breaks out of the blue and in split second blows us down from the torpor of Latin class.

Promptly our professor seizes on the idea to take the occasion of a live history lesson. It is hard to believe - but twenty curious teenagers are the first, after long centuries, to walk on those tiny tesserae. What an astonishing view - two rampant griffons, their eyes are half open in a proud and sly look ... alius ex alio ... one for the other”.


Year 2000. One thousand years have passed since the creation of that oneiric mosaic; those twenty youngsters are now adults and life has dispersed them all over the world.

I hope this collection of fine writing instruments is able to convey invaluable history, art and dreams to pay tribute to those teenagers and specially to those men in the world who created the art of writing, carrying it down for centuries.

So... alius ex alio - one for the other, to go further, together we are… I dare say.

Page after page, of course.

Enjoy your visit!




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